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2011-05-17 17:57:58 by ChuChuProductions

As well as a new song! More are to come!

Please enjoy it(and them later on)!

Sticky's Journey

2011-02-10 22:16:11 by ChuChuProductions

A Flash stopmotion i am making with doppler73.

Part 1: As Sticky wakes up, he realizes he is late for school, he runs to get breakfast, but the kitchen was wrecked, he went towards an eletric spark, that got bigger and turned into a light, which captured stickey.

Part 2: The light teleports Sticky to a very grassy land, as he wanters, he stubles upon ants, which grow bigger, to the size of him, as he is captured, the light saves him, but captures him again.

Part 3: The light teleports Sticky too a cliff with his girlfriend(this is my part!), he runs away, but his girlfriend copys herself till she is 4 of herself, than chases Stickey fast, as he went faster, she kept doing copies, in 10 seconds, the light pwns them, but gets Sticky as well, again.

Part 4: Sticky was teleported to a cold, icy land, as polar bears come treat him very nicely, a sea lion attacks them, killing many polar bears taht were nice, while sticky was saved by the light.

Part 5: Sticky was teleported to a factory, with robots everywhere; but when a door opened, he saw himself,shooting a bullet, when it hit, he saw a robot, but befare it could attack, the light got him again.

Part 6: Sticky was transported to a orange land, with a pencil eraser, it charged toward him; he tryed to dodge, but his left arm was erased, he charged too, but was hit hard, has right leg was erased, the light was not there to help him now, he did a rage punch and kick, but it was no use, Sticky was killed and conqured, the light didn't help him, his life was over.

The End, i'm making a song of this, and the flash is coming soon!


2011-02-07 17:11:10 by ChuChuProductions

Sorry i have been offline so long! I forgot until now!

Why? You know, All the good stuff, hangin' out, goin' to school(which sucks :( ), and goin' on another website.

For those 2 people(LunaMaroon and thatbennyguy) that sent me a PM, sorry, it took long for me to respond(which i only did to LunaMaroon so far)!

Also, for the least of it, i have been working on a game doppler73 is making called:"Zombie Tower Defense(may not come out)", either I do the music or choose the music(doppler73 will make me Collab Organizer for that(which is weird)), or even squat(nothing(which will suck)) for the least of the least of it.

Also, HAPPY EARLY VALENTINES DAY(couldn't keep it in my mouth!)!

(P.S: I have gained a bit more maturity.)

Flash Rating Concept

2010-11-11 21:40:43 by ChuChuProductions

Remeber my audio rating concept? I'm now doing it for flash.

-Production-(how the game goes on)
-Diffucluty-(unavalible for movies)
-Sound-(some games have sound)
-Time-(Unavilible for games)

However, the rest is the same for audio, so i won't say further more.

Rating Concept

2010-11-10 22:08:05 by ChuChuProductions

I feel like i want a rating concept for my account.

The catagroies for the rating is:

-Voices-(which will not always be there)
--Production-(How the song(or loop) builds up)

What the verdict's will be for the scores:

9:Close to Perfection!
8:Not that close to perfection.
7.Not close to perfection, but it's still good.
6.Close to a So-So,the goodish kind.
4.Close to a So-So,the baddish kind.
3.Tsk,Tsk,Tsk,not that good.
2.Needs more!
1.What the Heck?
0.Get a life.

After i do this, i round the score for the above, for exemple:

Sound: 5/10
Instrments: 7/10
Voices: 3/10
Production: 8/10

After i'm done this, i make a score, then round it,for example:

Rounded Score:9

Finally, i make the verdict for the review, like if the verdict were a 9, i'd write this:

Verdict: Close to Perfection.

Sometime's, i will add a P.S, for an example:

P.S: This Rocks!

Then the Revivew is over, so i won't say futher more.


Rating Concept

Coming soon...

2010-11-07 13:51:24 by ChuChuProductions

2 things could be coming soon...

1.Chu-Chu audio submissions....

2.A Chu-Chu Flash submission...

Even more will come soon.

Coming soon...


2010-11-06 21:09:32 by ChuChuProductions

Hello, Newgrounds, I came to see what would happen here in the future, and etc. So, Hello,NG.